Gardening is something that many don’t even think about during the winter months, but for those of us who do, planning ahead is all part of the fun, as we wait impatiently for spring to arrive once again so we can get outdoors and create something special.

Having all the right tools for the job can be costly, which is why a gift from garden tools experts Darlac, could be just the thing to consider for the gardener in your life this Christmas.

Darlac has a reputation for offering excellent quality garden tools and equipment at down-to-earth prices and offers an extensive collection which can be viewed at, however, before you go on-line to check out the entire range, here are just a few examples to whet your appetite.

Topiary Shear (DP1850) awarded Best Buy by a popular gardening magazine

The Topiary Shear (DP1850) awarded Best Buy by a popular gardening magazine – is ideal for trimming topiary and for retaining intricate shapes, something which often proves tricky using a standard pair of garden shears. By using these specially designed shears you will already be half way to creating a beautiful masterpiece! An added bonus is that they are designed for left or right hand use. Their sleek modern appearance offers individual razor sharp replaceable blades which are coated to prevent rust, something not seen in earlier models of their kind. By keeping the blades regularly oiled and sharpened (see details below) these excellent shears will make a superb gift and often last a lifetime. Priced at around £21.00

If there’s a lady in your household who loves to garden, then Darlac’s Compound Action Pruner (DP332) is just the gift for her. Also voted ‘Best Buy’ and ‘Best on Test’ by two leading gardening magazines this excellent little pruner offers a unique lever action, providing greater cutting power whilst its carbon steel razor sharp blades produce a nice clean cut. A perfect size for smaller hands, this little pruner has proven to be so popular we have now added a larger version –  Compound Action pruner Plus (DP333). Priced at around: £14.99 & £17.99.

The Pruning Lock Knife (DP349) is not only stylish but has a traditional wooden handle

Or maybe your gardeners’ passion is in an allotment, growing fruit and vegetables? Well, Darlac cater for these also, with a wide selection of knives to choose from, here is just one of its most popular models. The Pruning Lock Knife (DP349) is not only stylish but has a traditional wooden handle and a keenly edged SK5 carbon steel blade, which has the added advantage of a locking blade for safety. In addition to pruning it’s also great for cutting string, opening compost bags, cutting turfs and a myriad of other garden/greenhouse uses. This knife is not only super functional, but also a joy to own. Price £11.99.

To complete the gift Darlac has recently added the Expert Knife Pouch (DP1144), which forms part of its, Expert Range. This useful Leather Knife Pouch is beautifully crafted in quality leather and is the perfect accompaniment to our Pruning Knife. Price £9.00.

One of the very best, and final suggested gift ideas from Darlac’s collection this Christmas, has to be the ‘two-in-one’ Tungsten and Diamond Sharpener (DP102).

The Tungsten sharpener is suitable for sharpening a whole host of garden tools and products, including heavy items such as axes or rotary mower blades, which may have become damaged over a period of time, whilst the Diamond Sharpener, which fits into the middle of the handle, will keep fine blades such as pruners, loppers and knives razor sharp. Price: £14.99

All-in-all Darlac has a terrific collection of gift ideas for this coming Christmas season, so don’t be disappointed if you can’t find the one you want here. Go to the website and view the entire collection at, we are sure you wont be disappointed! Darlac products are available in good garden centres and also from a variety of online sources.

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