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If you are growing fruit and veg this year, you’re going to need some garden tools to help you get the job done. Here at Darlac, we have an incredible range of bamboo handled hand tools that will not only help you grow your own delicious fruit and veg, but these tools will help you do it in style too.

Our friends at Pots & Trowels use Darlac tools in the garden, and in the featured video Martin Fish takes you on a guided tour of the Darlac bamboo range in detail to explain how to get the most out of the range. To find out more, read on and watch the video below.

Martin Fish’s Favourite Darlac Bamboo Tools

The bamboo used in the Darlac range is from a sustainable source. As bamboo regenerates in 36 months, you can be sure that your new garden tools are not sacrificing virgin wood, making it an eco-friendly option when buying your next set of hand tools for the garden. All the heads of the tools are made from stainless steel. They are made to look old, rather than shiny, in-keeping with the wonderfully rustic theme and feel of the range.

So let’s take a look at the tools in the bamboo range:

The 5-in-1 trowel. You can use this tool for 5 different uses in the garden, as the name implies! It’s ideal for cutting and sawing through tougher stems with the serrated edge. You can also use this hand tool for digging deep down to get at the roots of weeds.  The narrow bladed design allows you to also reach those pesky weeds that turn up in an awkward place. The notch on the side is a great little feature to cut twine without having to reach for another tool and the fluted design and forked end allows you to load up the blade with seeds to dispense them into a newly created drill. What a great all-rounder!

The Cape Cod Weeder. This style of tool is a garden tool that has many fans, so maybe you need to give one a go in the garden. The Cape Cod Weeder is fantastic for getting in-between rows of seedlings and chopping off unwanted weeds in tight spaces. This tool is especially great for raised beds and containers, giving you easy access and manoeuvrability that makes this an indispensable tool to have in your garden trug.

The Bamboo Hand Rake. This is a newly introduced hand tool to the range for 2021 and is very handy indeed!  Use it for all sorts of applications where a full size rake is too large. It can also be used for breaking down soil to a fine tilth, ready for sowing and planting.

The Weeding and Seeding Trowel. If you are sowing seeds, you can use this tool to help you sow your seeds in drills by gently shaking the seeds in the curved blade that behaves like a hopper. Instead of dealing with small fiddly seeds in your fingers, you can place the seeds on the tool and slowly let them fall out, as you move across your prepared bed. 

The Dibber. For bulb planting, planting out leeks and for dibbing in large seeds like broad beans, a dibber is an indispensable tool for any serious veg gardener.  You can use it to quickly make holes at varying depths to make light work of planting and sowing. A Draw Hoe is a useful tool for removing weeds, to move earth around plants, and to move soil around your plot as needed, and with a longer handled version you can reach into beds without stepping on the soil and compacting it.

The hand Weeding Fork and Garden Trowel are great tools for day to day cultivation of the soil, loosening it up and working it around established plants. The matching set looks great when used together and makes a perfect gift for gardeners. For indoor plants and lighter work, you can try the Bamboo Essential Mini-Tools Set, these make a splendid gift too!

All of the bamboo range has a depression in the handle as an ergonomic feature to help locate your thumb, making them really comfortable and easy to use. They also have hanging loops for easy storage.

This range of tools do more than just look good, they are so useful in bringing your garden to life. Which one will you try first? Purchase in store from your local garden centre. Read more about Darlac stockists here.

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