Alan Titchmarsh holding a pair of Darlac TriBlade Garden Shears

Who better to impress than the nation’s favourite gardener Alan Titchmarsh? We spotted a clip on the 17 January airing of Love Your Weekend with Alan Titchmarsh featuring a pair of our TriBlade Shears, and we think Alan’s face says it all!

The following clip was published over on David Domoney’s social media after the TV airing.  Here, David shows Alan how our TriBlade Shears take a lot of the arm work out of keeping your hedging in good order, and we couldn’t agree more. The delight on Alan’s face also supports what people said about the shears in consumer trials of the tool, making this a brilliant new innovation and definitely a new tool you should be adding to your garden shed.

If you have lots of long hedges or topiary and bushes to regularly keep on top of, you’ll be amazed at the time saving you get by using these shears.  The central fixed blade allows cutting over a greater span, reducing time and effort with each clipping action.  It also provides focus for greater control over shaping work, which is perfect if you are looking for precision with your hedging by avoiding concertina’d cutting and uneven finished lines on your hedge.

Available as a regular shear with fibreglass handles, to reduce the weight of the tool, handy for prolonged use.  We also have a TriBlade Shear with Telescopic handles, giving you an extra reach of 230mm. Check out our stockists map for a garden centre or hardware store near you.

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