DW853 Two Hour Water Timer

DW853 Two Hour Water Timer


Why choose the Darlac Two Hour Water Timer?

The Darlac Two Hour Water Timer is an automatic watering system that provides up to two hours watering time, leaving you more time for other daily tasks both in and outside the garden. The Darlac water timer doesn’t require batteries and features an ergonomic dial design for easy use. It also allows for manual watering without having to go through the effort of detaching the timer.

  • Automatic garden timer with 2 hours watering time
  • No batteries needed
  • Allows manual watering
  • Ergonomic dial design
  • Use with standard 12mm fittings
  • Helps get your garden the water it needs, when it needs it

Part of the wide range of garden hose fittings and innovative watering accessories available from Darlac Tools.


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