DW805 WaterMe Pot Owl

Weight 500g
Length 190mm


Why choose the Darlac WaterMe Pot?

The Darlac WaterMe Pot is a unique self-watering pot that can “advise” when more water should be added to the reservoir through a handy water level indicator. The indicator will reveal when the reservoir is full and when it needs topping up to keep plants happy and healthy.

How to use the Darlac WaterMe Pot

  1. Prepare

Add a base layer of soil and, for best results, small stones into the bottom of the black inner pot to support root growth. Place your plant into the centre of the pot and fill the space with soil. Water the soil to help establish your plant.

  1. Water

Water the plant directly through the soil for two weeks, until the roots are water level established. Larger plants may take longer. After two weeks, pour water into the water inlet to fill the storage reservoir when empty.

Part of the range of smart watering solutions and watering accessories available from Darlac Tools.


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