DW420 Take Anywhere Tap


Why choose the Darlac Take Anywhere Tap?

The Darlac Take Anywhere Tap provides a water source anywhere in your garden or on the allotment. This incredibly versatile ‘plumbing free’ watering tap is perfect for stables, boat yards and builders yards. Wherever fixed pipes are susceptible to extreme temperatures, the Darlac Take Anywhere Tap will prove invaluable for providing a reliable water source wherever it’s needed.

Use this portable garden tap to extend your hose range via Y splitters or multiple manifolds, to eliminate endless trips back to your main water source for precision watering, for drought management and much more.

  • Solid brass portable watering tap
  • ¾ BSP thread
  • Compatible with popular hose fittings, manifolds and timers
  • Ideal for large outdoor working environments such as stables, boat yards and builders yards
  • Helps to save water

How to use your Take Anywhere Tap

With any garden hose, set up the tap wherever you like. Screw the Darlac Take Anywhere Tap to any vertical surface – a fence post or wall for permanency, or a wooden stake that acts as a movable standpipe – then connect a hose to bring water from a fixed source.

Part of the wide range of garden hose fittings and innovative watering accessories available from Darlac Tools.

NOTE: A hose connector is required to connect the tap to a water source.

Additional information

Weight 239 g
Dimensions 24.5 × 13 × 4 cm


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