DW403 4 Way Brass Manifold


Why choose the Darlac 4 Way Brass Manifold?

The Darlac 4 Way Brass Manifold fits directly onto an outside tap to provide four water outlets for all your watering needs. Take your garden watering set-up a step further and automate your watering with the addition of the Darlac Electronic Water Timer, which will screw directly onto the garden tap manifold. Keep a short length of hose permanently attached to one of the other outlets to fill watering cans and buckets, and then leave the remaining outlets free for longer hoses.

This tap manifold is solid brass and comes with a bracket to help support the weight of the manifold and all objects attached to it.

  • Solid brass tap manifold for watering
  • Fits standard 3/4″ BSP taps
  • Provides 4 3/4″BSP watering outlets
  • Water timer compatible

Part of the wider range of garden hose fittings available from Darlac Tools.

NOTE: With non-standard taps, it is possible to obtain a thread adaptor from a plumbers’ merchant. For outdoor use only. Tugging on the hose will put added pressure on the tap. Always disconnect from the tap prior to freezing weather.

Additional information

Weight 681 g
Dimensions 21 × 20.5 × 3 cm


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