DW370 Telescopic Riser


Why choose the Darlac Telescopic Riser?

Low level sprinklers can sometimes be blocked by tall plants, preventing optimal coverage and, in some cases, damaging delicate blooms or stems. This is where the Darlac Telescopic Riser comes in handy. This garden sprinkler riser is compatible with most Mix & Match Darlac sprinkler heads (note: this product is not suitable for use with the DW310 Impulse Sprinkler) and all Darlac irrigation bases to transform your standard garden sprinkler into a high rise sprinkler. Ideal for raised flower beds or vegetable gardens!

  • Telescopic riser for garden sprinklers
  • Ideal for garden spaces with elevated plants or shrubs
  • Increases sprinkler height by either 42cm when closed or 78cm when open
  • Part of the Darlac Mix & Match Sprinkler system
  • Can be used with most sprinkler heads in Darlac Mix & Match range

Part of the range of garden watering bases available from Darlac Tools.

NOTE: Not Suitable for use with the DW310 Impulse Sprinkler.

To obtain the higher level, simply hold the shaft and unscrew the brass knurled top. The bar will automatically rise as water goes through and will return when the water stops.

If extra height is needed, combine the DW370 Telescopic Riser with DW205 Adjustable Tripod for an ultimate height of up to 1.7m.

Additional information

Weight 164 g
Dimensions 51.5 × 8 × 4 cm


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