DW350N Deluxe Spray Gun


Why choose the Darlac Deluxe Spray Gun?

For sheer simplicity, the Darlac Deluxe Spray Gun is hard to beat. Constructed from brass and alloys that are corrosion resistant, with a soft grip and flow control for ultimate control. Rotate the nozzle of this durable yet lightweight garden spray gun to alter the output from a fierce jet to a fine mist spray to suit whatever the job requires. The easy to pull and hold trigger is ideal for gardeners with a weaker grip, and will easily lock on for long term usage without causing hand strain. The handy volume control knob on the back is great for using just the right amount of water, especially where soil may be washed away from plants or damage to flowers may occur.

  • Lightweight gardening spray gun
  • Spray patterns include jet and mist settings
  • Rotating head
  • Easy pull trigger with locking clip
  • Soft cushioned grip
  • Solid brass connector will fit standard hose connectors
  • Water flow control knob to protect plants from damage

Part of the wide range of garden spray guns and watering accessories available from Darlac Tools.

Additional information

Weight 304 g
Dimensions 22 × 13 × 3 cm


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