DW340 Two Way Spike


Why choose the Darlac Two Way Spike?

The Darlac Two Way Spike is a garden sprinkler base that connects directly to any Darlac sprinkler head to enable you to easily move your sprinkler set-up to a new location without stopping the water flow – just pick up the hose at a safe distance and move. The incorporated brass connector is compatible with standard hose connectors. If you need extra height to provide spray above plants or bushes, simply insert the DW370 Telescopic Riser between the base and the head. Or, to use a second sprinkler, remove the black cap and attach the DW115 Tap Connector.

  • Spiked base for garden sprinklers
  • Ideal for easily moving sprinklers around the garden
  • Compatible with standard hose connectors
  • Part of the Darlac Mix & Match Sprinkler range
  • Can be used with any of the sprinkler heads in Darlac Mix & Match range

Part of the range of garden watering bases available from Darlac Tools.

NOTE: The number of sprinklers feasible is restricted only by water pressure and type of sprinklers being used.

Care should be taken when using the DW370 Telescopic Riser with this product. If the immediate ground becomes water logged, the spike may become unstable.

Additional information

Weight 147 g
Dimensions 26 × 13 × 5 cm


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