DP975 Heavy Duty Geared Anvil Lopper

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Weight 1.52kg
Length 787mm
Cut Capacity 50mm


The rack and pinion system offer amazing benefits in ease of use. For max cut move the handle apart 180°, place over branch and bring the handles together. The huge forces in play now will sever branches up to an astounding 50mm (2”) with ease. Chrome plated steel head for rust resistance and lightweight aluminium handles with oval ribbed profile for strength.

1 review for DP975 Heavy Duty Geared Anvil Lopper

  1. S Jones

    I found these to be best the best loppers for use when clearing small felled trees, or when working quickly on larger scale jobs. I generally don’t like anvil cut because they crush the branch when pruning, but this seems far less of a problem with these than normal anvil loppers. I still use bypass for pruning, and use these for clearing, they are excellent.

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