DP951 Harvest/Asparagus Knife

Weight 49g
Overall length 265mm



Why choose the Darlac Harvest/Asparagus Knife?

Our award-winning Darlac Harvest/Asparagus Knife is a versatile gardening tool that’s ideal for the kitchen gardener. The scalloped and serrated blade of this gardening knife is designed to slice cleanly and effortlessly through lettuce and cabbage stems and to trim a wide range of produce including leeks, celery and courgettes, while the straight tip is ideal for harvesting asparagus. Simply slide the tip below soil level and draw backwards for the cleanest of cuts.

  • Award-winning garden knife for harvesting vegetables
  • Rust resistant stainless steel blade
  • Multi-purpose garden tool for harvesting cabbage, cauliflower, leeks, asparagus and more
  • An invaluable garden tool for the allotment or veg plot

Part of the wide range of gardening knives available from Darlac Tools. Whilst this knife is made from high quality materials, for the longest possible ultimate performance you should always clean after use and store in a dry place. Sharpen all Darlac knives with our award-winning fine grade Darlac Diamond Sharpener.


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