DP930 Small Bypass Pruner

(2 customer reviews)

Weight 146g
Overall length 175mm
Cut capacity 16mm


Recommended for fine pruning and perfect for small hands. The high carbon steel blade is coated to reduce friction and help prevent rusting. The blade can be easily sharpened and adjusted to the finest tension for ultimate performance.  A very popular product and an Award Winner. Replaceable parts available.


2 reviews for DP930 Small Bypass Pruner

  1. Edwina Pinnock

    I have been using this pruner since April 2009 and it is still as perfect as when I purchased. Very pleased I saw these at a flower show in Cornwall and thought I would try one out. Never dreamed
    I would still be using it 10 years later.

  2. Dawn

    Great price for a great product. I have very small hands and struggle with bigger secateurs. These are perfect for me. Strong and nippy, easy to sharpen and easy to see in the undergrowth.

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