DP926 Vine Scissors


Why choose the Darlac Vine Scissors?

Perfect for the keen gardener, the Darlac Vine Scissors are multi-purpose garden snips that features an ultra slim profile that’s perfect for getting between grapes when thinning, or into any plants where dense growth needs reducing. More robust than our Softies Scissors, these gardening scissors are ideal for flower arranging, Bonsai and other delicate pruning tasks.

The high carbon steel blades are hollowed to reduce friction but also clear sap as you cut, with blunt tips to avoid damage or bruising adjacent fruit. The slim handles feature a soft, non-slip coating for comfort and safety, with a simple closing loop at the bottom.

  • Multi-purpose garden scissors
  • Ideal for floristry and other delicate pruning tasks
  • Small handle profile
  • Hollow high carbon steel blades
  • Simple but effective hold closed loop

Part of the wide range of gardening snips and scissors available from Darlac Tools. Sharpen your Darlac snips with our award-winning fine grade Darlac Diamond Sharpener.

Additional information

Weight 126 g
Dimensions 28 × 10 × 2.5 cm


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