DP910 TriBlade Shear Telescopic Handles

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Weight 1100g
Overall length 650mm


A THREE bladed shear with added benefit of telescopic handles giving an extra 230mm of reach! A brilliant new innovation. Trim hedges in far less time than it takes using a traditional two bladed shear. The two outer blades of these high spec shears are P.T.F.E. coated to reduce friction and alleviate the likelihood of rust forming. The central blade is chrome armoured and completely heat-treated, this acts as a central point of focus. Consumer focused trials have reported greater speed is unquestionably one of the major benefits. The trials have also reported improved accuracy of cut as the central blade remains static, whilst the outer blades cut against it. Three options available.

1 review for DP910 TriBlade Shear Telescopic Handles

  1. Cherry Griffin

    I bought these for my daughter for Christmas , she has been too busy to use them and I wanted to try them so she lent them to me and I knew they were good but in half an hour I clipped shrubs and trees with no effort. They are amazing and the telescopic function enabled me to reach the top of a golden conifer. Wish I’d had these in the past. I love them!

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