DP888 Lawn Scarifier


Why choose the Darlac Lawn Scarifier?

The award-winning Darlac Lawn Scarifier is made of strong powder-coated steel for robustness, with a telescopic handle that features a simple twist lock mechanism and is fully extendable from 97cm to 1.5m to create a comfortable working height for gardeners of all different heights and abilities. A great addition to your spring lawn care maintenance routine.

  • Award-winning lawn scarifier
  • Made from strong powder-coated steel
  • Telescopic handle extends from 97cm to 1.5m
  • Twist lock mechanism

Part of the wide range of garden maintenance tools available from Darlac Tools.

Why should I scarify my lawn?

Next to regular mowing, scarifying is the most important task you can tackle to achieve the best possible lawn. Dead grass, roots and other matter (thatch), can choke a lawn by robbing the soil of air, water and essential nutrients, so it’s important to scarify your lawn to remove dead leaves and thatch build up. This allows air and light to get through and will improve the grass and soil condition of your lawn.

The best time to scarify your lawn is in the autumn, before applying fertiliser, or in mid-spring as the grass starts to grow. Treat any moss problem before scarifying. After scarifying, your lawn will look ragged but will recover quickly, as new grass will fill in any bald patches. If extensive patches occur, re-seed where necessary.

Additional information

Weight 1778 g
Dimensions 77.5 × 29 × 15 cm


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