DP755 Sickle

(2 customer reviews)

Weight 440g
Overall length 600mm


An aluminium handle with a solid rubber grip and a razor-sharp carbon steel blade which is resharpenable. Cut with a slicing rather than hacking action pulling back on the handle at the end of a swing. For clearing nettles, thistles, briars, undergrowth and vegetation. USE EXTREME CARE when working with sharp objects. AN AWARD WINNER


2 reviews for DP755 Sickle

  1. Glynn

    One mean piece of kit. Well built and able to take a right beating. Holds its cutting edge.
    Wouldn’t hesitate to buy another if this one ever failed.
    Let the weight of the head do the work, just provide the speed.

  2. Pastyfarian

    I’ve had onefor about 3 years now and it takes a lot for me to recommend something but this is it.
    It is incredibly sharp and stays sharp too. The balance and the weight are perfect; it is nice and light.
    It is just right for lopping small shoots off branches. Hold the branch with a (gloved) left hand and slice away from you.
    Would also be my weapon of choice if the zombie apocalypse comes!

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