DP70 Mini Bypass Pruner

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Cut capacity 10mm

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Why choose the Darlac Mini Bypass Pruner?

The Darlac Mini Bypass Pruner is perfect for keeping in your tool holster or back pocket, ready for cutting back any stragglers you might find. These handy pocket-sized pruners are also great for using while walking, hiking or camping. Lightweight and comfortable to use, the single hand locking mechanism is invaluable – just squeeze the handles and push the catch forward, simple! The catch can be operated with either hand, making these garden pruners left-handed friendly.

  • Lightweight mini garden pruners
  • Bypass pruners for finer cutting
  • Ideal for light pruning, flower arranging and floral art
  • Single-handed locking mechanism that’s suitable for right and left-handed use
  • Stainless steel, rust resistant blade

Part of the wide range of gardening pruners available from Darlac Tools. Sharpen all Darlac pruners with our award-winning fine grade Darlac Diamond Sharpener.

For comprehensive care and garden pruner maintenance advice, check out the Darlac A Pruner for Life guide here.


Additional information

Weight 162 g
Dimensions 28 × 10 × 2.5 cm

1 review for DP70 Mini Bypass Pruner

  1. S Kelleher

    My all time favourite pruner! Came across these at a garden show many years ago and have bought them as gifts for family and friends. Small and lightweight makes them easy to use especially for those with arthritis, but they are hardy and tough even on small branches. Easy to carry around in a back pocket while gardening.

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