DP685 Big Hands Leaf Collectors


Why choose the Darlac Big Hands Leaf Collector?

The Darlac Big Hands Leaf Collector is a gardener’s best friend! Suitable for all-year-round garden use, but especially invaluable in the autumn for clearing large volumes of leaves and in the summer for collecting grass cuttings and general tidying up. These Darlac leaf collectors are easy for gardeners of all ability levels to use and really speeds up all those pesky garden maintenance jobs. The Darlac Big Hands also help to relieve aching knees and backs and save you time and energy by reducing the number of times you need to bend down to reach leaf piles and other garden waste.

  • Sturdy, lightweight leaf grabbers
  • Ideal for leaf collecting, collecting other garden waste such as grass cuttings and general tidying up around the garden
  • Approx dimensions: 46 x 31cm
  • Easy to use leaf collector

Part of the wide range of garden maintenance tools available from Darlac Tools.

Additional information

Weight 385 g
Dimensions 46 × 29 × 9 cm


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