DP583 Geared Anvil Tree Pruner Head

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Weight 886g
Overall length 450mm
Cut capacity 38mm


Amateur Gardening


Use with either Swop Top Pole. Quad pulleys and a special gearing mechanism add immense cutting power, greatly reducing the effort required to operate this pruner. Maximum cut capacity is 38mm – when cutting hard wood at maximum height we recommend reducing this capacity and instead use a saw attachment.

2 reviews for DP583 Geared Anvil Tree Pruner Head

  1. Pastyfarian

    I use quite a few of the swap top gadgets and this works very well at cutting high branches.
    However, it has 1 annoying problem.
    Because the operating string necessarily crosses at an angle between the pulleys, it quite often jumps out of the groove and gets stuck between the pulley wheel and block,
    especially at the top end.
    This is a big nuisance when you are part way through cutting a branch as the string is then jammed and you can’t move the pole.
    I’ve fitted spacer washers between the pulley wheels which has helped, but I think Darlac need to look at the design again.

  2. M. Lunt

    An excellent tool.
    Care is needed when using this pruner on a fully extended 5 metre pole because of the flexibility of the top extension.
    Also, ensure that the extension locking is no released when rotating the pole for access to a desired cut.
    When releasing the extension lock, control the speed of the released tube into its parent. If allowed to fall, the locking mechanism can jam, requiring partial disassembly to release.
    Should mine get damaged, I would certainly replace it.

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