DP576 Soap Dispenser


Why choose the Darlac Soap Dispenser?

The Darlac Soap Dispenser, when teamed with a Darlac Swop Top pole and DP577 SpiralFlow Hosepipe and a Darlac Swop Top cleaning head, is ideal for dispensing soap cleaning fluids or liquid detergent as you wash for ultra clean glass on windows, conservatories and greenhouses.

Recommended for use with the DP560, DP560/3 or DP570 telescopic pole.

  • Soap dispenser attachment for outdoor cleaning
  • Ideal for washing windows on greenhouses or conservatories
  • For use with Darlac extending poles and Swop Top cleaning heads
  • Use with the SpiralFlow Hosepipe
  • Part of Darlac Swop Top system

Part of the Darlac Swop Top cleaning range available from Darlac Tools.

How to use the Darlac Soap Dispenser

Unscrew the male tap connector from the Spiralflow on/off valve.

Insert the extra washer provided into the female section, then screw the Soap Dispenser in its place. The male spigot connector at the unit base is compatible with most UK hose fittings.

The on/off tap activates water flow. The red selector in the Open position will allow water to come out for reservoir filling. It also either directs clear water (WATER) or opens the soap (SOAP) addition valve.

Turn the selector to WATER to rinse the area to be cleaned. Turn the selector to SOAP for 1-3 seconds to add in detergent as required. The soap will foam up on the brush, allowing it to be used on the area to be cleaned. Once soap has been applied and surface has been cleaned, turn the selector to WATER to rinse. Repeat as necessary.

What is the Darlac Swop Top range?

The Darlac Swop Top range offers a choice of three lightweight aluminium poles, starting at 98cm extending to 2.44m, right up to 5m when extended. Taking the user’s height and reach into account, this means it’s possible to prune branches up to 8m (26 ft) high, without leaving the ground!

Many of the heads in the Swop Top pruning range can be switched easily and will take care of the finest twigs right up to a 20cm branch, while the Swop Top cleaning attachments can assist with anything from simple window cleaning to gutter and conservatory fascia clearing, and a whole host of other tasks around the home and garden.

Additional information

Weight 246 g
Dimensions 29 × 6 × 9 cm


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