DP556 Grab-N-Lift

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Why choose the Darlac Grab-N-Lift?

The award-winning Darlac Grab-N-Lift is a super handy garden tool that’s perfect for gathering large volumes of leaves, twigs, grass cuttings and more. This leaf grabber will save you time and back ache as you easily collect leaves and other garden waste, just use the moulded grip handles to open the large jaws, grab the leaves or grass cuttings and deposit them into a garden bag or wheelbarrow. It’s that simple!

Great for using after raking your leaves up with a Darlac Telescopic Expanding Rake to easily transfer your garden waste into a wheelbarrow or bag.

  • Award-winning leaf grabber
  • Suitable for collecting other garden waste such as twigs, grass, hedge trimmings and more
  • Moulded grip handles
  • Ultra-lightweight garden tool – weighs just 1.25kg

Voted ‘Best on Test’ with a five star rating, proving to be so popular that most testers said they would purchase one for their own use.

Part of the wide range of garden maintenance tools available from Darlac Tools.

The product is supplied flat-packed with assembly instructions.

Additional information

Weight 1384 g
Dimensions 84 × 18 × 4 cm

8 reviews for DP556 Grab-N-Lift

  1. John Duggan

    I can’t believe there have been no reviews at all for this wonderful tool. It can grab an enormous amount of rubbish/leaves/grass. I gave one to my sister and to my neighbour. Mine must be 4 or more years old and still works perfectly. My only grumble, some sort of catch to keep it closed would be a boon.

  2. Irene C

    I bought this product from QVC as it looked like it would be really helpful for me. QVC stated quite clearly on their demonstration that it came fully assembled…it did not!! Sadly I will have to return as being disabled I’m unable to put it together. Sorry but that’s the reason for only 1 star.

  3. Lee Chapman

    Being a self employed gardener I was skeptical about long reach leaf grabbers thinking they would be flimsy and not able to pick up large amounts. I have always used successfully used Yeoman big hand leaf grabbers (the better yellow ones). Unfortunately one.of the wrist supports snapped and became painful to use. They also do your back no favours. I purchased the Darlac grab-n-lift from an independent garden centre for £19.99. They easily grab a large amount of leaves without bending over and hold onto them well when lifting to dispose of them. I could use them all day without having to worry about getting back pain.

  4. Suzanne Faubert

    I have had this item for years & would n’t be without it

  5. Patrick Considine

    I recently purchased a Darlac – Grab – N – Lift and it’s truly the best gardening implement that I’ve bought in years, I’m partially disabled with arthritis in my hip and other ailments and The Darlac Grab – N – Lift has made gardening so much easier, No more bending to pick up rubbish from sticks to weeds and grass I have now run out of things to pick up, I’m now waiting for Autumn to come as I have a massive tree in my back garden with thousands of leaves on it and I’ll have a great time using my Darlac Grab -N – Lift to pick them all up.

  6. Keith Harrison

    We have been using the Darlac Grab n Lift for a few years now and find it to be a brilliant piece of kit. when cutting and pruning hedges ,roses etc .All the clean up work is made much easier ,and of course there’s no bending down involved , keep your body upright and lift the prunings without having to bend your back to pick them up. (useful for holly ,roses ..etc) where thorns are an issue . We wouldn’t be without our Grab n Lift. they are great.

  7. Ukfraser

    Been thinking about this for some time and wish I had got one years ago. Have just been out raking up leaves from the grass, again! Third time this winter but this time i had a leaf grabber. Made picking them up a breeze and despite the wheel barrow being full, i emptied it in about three goes. These pick up so much debris and are easy to use and feel very robust. I bought them ready assembled from a local garden centre. I was a little worried as the blades dont meet along their length but this doesnt affect their performance. They are great.

  8. James Wyeth

    As a professional gardener these grabbers are the best ones i have ever used ! They are well made and can lift large amounts of debris. I use an elastic band between the handles to keep them together in transit etc. When you re stock i will get more to keep at different places.

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