DP530 Hori Hori – Multi Purpose Trowel

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Weight 280g
Lenght 320mm


Why choose the Darlac Hori Hori Multi-Purpose Trowel?

Is the hori-hori trowel Japan’s best kept gardening secret? The Darlac Hori Hori Multi-Purpose Trowel is an ingenious garden hand trowel that’s derived from Japanese sword making and is a must-have hand tool in the garden. It’s perfect for planting, cutting, weeding, dividing perennials and a whole host of other uses.

The flat head handle allows the hori-hori to be ‘hammered’ into the ground with the palm of the hand, while the quality stainless steel blade has large serrations to give more “bite” than smaller toothed versions, and has a very clear depth gauge to aid planting. The serrations are also along the entire length of the blade, which is ideal for cutting roots. This innovative garden trowel is destined to be indispensable in the garden!

  • Multi-purpose garden trowel for use all around the garden
  • Inspired by Japanese sword making
  • Ideal for planting, cutting, weeding, dividing perennials, cutting roots and much more
  • Stainless steel serrated blade with depth gauge to make planting easier
  • Comfortable handle with spread at the base to guard hands from slipping down onto the blade

Part of the wide range of gardening hand tools available from Darlac Tools.

1 review for DP530 Hori Hori – Multi Purpose Trowel

  1. Robert G Rogers

    Don’t usually pick up things in Garden Centres as there are so many Gadgets and variations that all do the same job
    But This caught my Eye
    Probably paid over the odd’s for it but I have been looking for something this useful for a long time
    It is easy to use and reasonably safe as the edges are not razor sharp but enough to cut tops off tall weeds
    Good for planting out plug plants as the blade is curved like a trowel and weeding etc

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