DP400 Lightweight Shear 8″

(2 customer reviews)

Weight 713g
Overall length 650mm


Extra long handles for greater reach and razor sharp replaceable carbon steel blades. A very popular, lightweight and well balanced trimming shear. Weighs less than a kilo. Highly recommended for shaping Topiary, Hedges trimming and grass cutting. Tension adjuster. Spare parts available. Length of Blades – 200 mm (8inch).

Replaceable parts available:
DS4004 CAP

2 reviews for DP400 Lightweight Shear 8″

  1. John Edwards

    The best shears I have ever had. Brilliant.

  2. Eluned Smith

    Fantastically light and easy to use for shearing hedges, perennials in May (Chelsea Chop!) and the autumn. I have 3 pairs and the only bother is that the screws holding the blades fall out over time. I hope they provide spares!

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