DP360 Telescopic Weed Knife

Weight 398g
Overall length 840mm


Amateur Gardening


Why choose the Darlac Telescopic Weed Knife?

The Darlac Telescopic Weed Knife easily removes grass and weeds from between difficult to weed patio slabs, driveways, path edges and block paving without the need to bend or kneel down. Weighing just 400 grams, this extremely lightweight garden tool is no chore to use, letting you put all your energy into your weeding tasks. The lightweight aluminium handle telescopes from 71cm-124cm, so it can be adjusted to the perfect length for gardeners of all different heights and abilities. The knife blade has both an inner and outer sharpened edge, as well as a hooked point to get into all those tricky, hard to reach areas.

  • Extendable gardening knife
  • Replaceable stainless steel blade
  • Telescopic handles extend from 28”/71cm to 49”/124cm
  • Incredibly lightweight – weighs just 400 grams
  • Ideal for weeding between paving slabs, crazy paving, path edgeways, driveways and much more
  • Inner and outer sharpened blade edges and a hooked point for hard to reach areas

Part of the wide range of gardening knives available from Darlac Tools. Sharpen all Darlac knives with our award-winning fine grade Darlac Diamond Sharpener.


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