DP195 Telescopic Double Sided Rake


Why choose the Darlac Telescopic Double Sided Rake?

The Darlac Telescopic Double Sided Rake is a brilliantly strong and flexible garden rake for the busy gardener, taking care of a whole host of garden maintenance jobs. Featuring two complementary rake heads on the same shaft, use the deep, long tines for heavy duty jobs such as loosening soil, levelling earth and gravel, and collecting weeds and trimmings, as well as moving larger debris. Or if you need to create a fine tilth for seed sowing or planting, or even scratch moss out of lawns, then simply flip the handle over and make use of the shorter tines. The long telescopic handle keeps backache at bay, making this durable garden rake ideal for gardeners of all ability levels to use.

  • Lightweight garden rake
  • Ideal for preparing soil for sowing and planting
  • Easy to use for a range of garden maintenance
  • Pole extends from 81.5cm to 138cm

Part of the wide range of garden maintenance tools available from Darlac Tools.

Additional information

Weight 550 g
Dimensions 82 × 33 × 13.5 cm


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