DP164 Pocket Chain Saw

(2 customer reviews)

Weight 73g
Overall length 250mm
Cut capacity 200mm


This heat treated saw blade cuts up to 6 times faster than a traditional handsaw. For ground level work, fix a handle (included) to each end and pull back and forth with slow steady strokes. For high growth throw the weighted rope over the limb first and pull up the chainsaw. The “Trueguide” will automatically place the teeth onto the branch at the correct cutting position. Using both ropes saw, as previous. For root pruning the bare minimum of excavation is necessary. Only sufficient access for the blade to pass under the root is required. Can also be used for prepared timber.

2 reviews for DP164 Pocket Chain Saw

  1. David

    Ropes broke twice when cutting second tree..
    Very difficult to use when the ivy etc around trre.
    Excellent though if tree is free of ivy

  2. chris

    this is an incredible saw we cut down really heavy boughs from a large sycamore tree with little effort and in complete safety. follow the instructions let the extremely sharp saw do the work.

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