DP1570 Expert 4.9 Metre Telescopic Pole

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Weight 1880g
Overall length 1900mm

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Why choose the Darlac Expert Telescopic Pole?

The Darlac Expert 4.9m Metre Telescopic Pole is a versatile extendable aluminium pole that accepts all Darlac Expert Tree Pruning attachments in the High Pruning Expert range, enabling many garden pruning tasks to be accomplished safely from ground level.

The oval profile of the telescopic aluminium pole gives precise control to the direction of the saw blade or pruner, which is especially important when cutting at height where it may be difficult to see the orientation of the blade. This also gives strength and rigidity to the pole, reducing flex to an absolute minimum. The double locking mechanism ensures firm support when the pole is extended.

The lightweight aluminium construction can extend from 1.9m to 4.9m, with spring-loaded slide buttons and flip down safety friction clamps to hold the extended poles firmly in place. The long hand-grip ensures good hold and control, while the doubled lock on the socket at the top of the pole holds the attachments secure so that you can safely and comfortably handle whatever your garden throws at you.

  • Professional three-section oval aluminium pole for ultimate strength and durability
  • Pole extends from 1.9m to 4.9m
  • Nine length adjustments
  • Ideal for easily carrying out garden tasks such as tree pruning from ground level
  • POM locking (Polyoxymethalene) for high abrasion resistance and low friction
  • Spring-loaded slide buttons and flip down safety friction clamps for a firm hold
  • Long hand grip for comfort and stability
  • For use with Darlac Expert High Pruning accessories

Part of the Expert high pruning range available at Darlac Tools.

What is the Darlac Expert range?

The Darlac Expert range of garden tools are constructed from the finest materials, providing superior quality at an affordable price. Each product has been carefully crafted to suit both professional and amateur gardeners alike, offering the ultimate in comfort and performance. Backed by the Darlac guarantee, so that you can buy with confidence.

Replaceable parts available:


5 reviews for DP1570 Expert 4.9 Metre Telescopic Pole

  1. Ross Camm

    Mine is 4 years old, I bought it with the heavy duty lopper, and the heavy duty saw attachments to tackle high leylandi on our neighbours border. It is not easy to work on something at a distance of 5 metres. Lets start with the negatives. At full extension, the top section can flex quite a bit and be hard to direct to the exact spot (for pruning) without a little experience. To overcome that, Darlac made this tube out of oval, instead of round, tubing. This gives it rigidity over the edges which are wider, but there is flexing on the narrower side of the tubing. You need to learn to address the tree branch directly and avoid moving the pole from side to side. It does take a little practice to master but once you realise why you are getting a wobble then you’ll understand how to control and stop it happening! On the positive side, standing on my 2 metre VERY strong and stable A frame stepladder, I can get over 8 metres high. Thats 2 metres on the ladder, one metre plus for me, and the pole on top is 5 metres fully out. For the sake of balance, you do need to keep EVERYTHING as vertical as possible to avoid being caught off balance. Working from the ground is no problem, but if you do go up a ladder be extra wary of going off to one side with the cutting end. Of course, when you use the tools, the branches you detatch have to go somewhere. Sometimes you’ll mess up and one or two may go next door, on boundary work, but those that stay in your garden are inclined to hit you on the way down! brace yourself on the final cut and you can deflect falling branches with one arm – at maximum height it is best to go for a two cut approach. Just take half the branch with the first cut, for a smaller piece to fall down on you – then take the rest. Better than going for a huge branch and taking the hit in one go. The saw is easier in this respect, as it is a fraction of the weight of the heavy duty secateurs. This allows you to go off to one side without losing balance, and there is hardly any wobble effect because the weight is so much less. Quite honestly, if they made a pole that went to 7 metres, it would be better if you need to elevate with the 5 metre one – to reach a little higher. If they did a 7 metre, you could do almost everything from the ground! But that is enough of my personal experience with the pole, here is more info which will guide you. It has three sections, two which extend out, and have stop locks at 300mm spaces. A ratchet lock keeps the pole length firmly fixed until you close or alter it again. The extensions slide easily and lock positively. The tools clip onto the top, and have a swing lock switch to prevent them removing themselves during tough working. To store, I would suggest in a spare room or in the garage away from damp and water – this is a very indispensible tool which knocks spots off Fiskars products, You do have to buy the tools separately, but there are lots of them, and this can double as a window cleaning brush for high levels, fruit picking and several other tasks. If you need something like this, don’t hesitate. For all the things I mentioned earlier, this still remains by far the best high lever pruner and saw that I have been able to find anywhere. Well done Darlac, now, where is my 7 metre expert pole please?

    • Kate

      Hi Ross, thank you for your review and great technical details. I will pass your request about 7m pole to our product development team 🙂 As you are recommending Expert pole, I need to mention Expert is a pruning range (fruit basket as well), for cleaning and several other tasks you have to use our Swop-Top range, which is not compatible with Expert pole. It is a separate system with two sizes of extendable aluminium poles (2.44 and 5m) plus a series of interchangeable heads. From cleaning gutters to cleaning patios, through to picking fruits and pruning (tree pruner and saw attachments).

  2. Ross Camm

    Following on from my original review, and the follow up from Kate at Darlac, I have discovered the expert range (this one) and the swop-top range (the other one) are not interchangeable. The expert range accessories comprise a very good anvil cutter (the one I use), a bypass cutter with less capacity, a saw which is amazing, and a fruit collecting basket. It is a pity they two ranges cannot be interchanged as I could do with using some of the other range (swop top) accessories, such as a high level squeegee for window cleaning among one or two others. I would suggest to Darlac both a longer pole (7m as I suggested earlier) and an adaptor for the top of the expert poles, to convert temporarily, the pole, so that it can accommodate the swop top accessories. I wouldn’t suggest another adaptor for the swop top poles so they can use expert accessories, as I think the expert accessories would be a bit too heavy and strong in operation for the lighter swop top poles, but if I could use the expert pole I already have, with the swop top accessories, that would be great! That said, unless you are very unsteady on ladders, the 5 metre range is pretty good, added to your own height plus your ladder height. If you are buying this for pruning and sawing, 100% recommended – I was skeptical, and it was a lot of money, but the quality is great, and above all else, I hope they don’t go the usual accountants way and cheapen the quality to make more money – This thing should sell on the basis of how good it is, and how it shrugs off even the toughest pruning work. Love it, hope I don’t break mine. Hope Kate manages to persuade the development team to make a longer pole, and an expert-to-swap-top adaptor head. Just to be clear, if I had a 7 metre version of this pole, I could put the bottom of the pole onto the ground, leaving a hand free, more or less, to pull the pulley cord on the anvil cutter. The pole is very stable if you can place it on the floor. Harder to control at maximum height, if you have to raise it up off the ground and take all the weight yourself.

  3. Rev D. Crompton

    Need to get a second one, first one has had a really hard life but has done well. Recommend extending the large sections first if full length is not needed, this gives a stronger section with less flex.

    Also, user hack: modified the swap top brush to fit the socket with the aid of a potato peeler. It now fits the pole, solar panel cleaning just got a lot safer and easier.

    Thanks Darlac, robust and at a good price point.

  4. Mel Wilby

    I have had the expert 4.9 metre pole and pruner for a few years now and I have to say the quality is excellent I give up on all the cheap stuff once I find a good quality brand and this is it.
    I also had a question of how to get a pole to Spain for my house there as there is nothing like the Darlac quality available where I am.
    Kelly in the office was very helpful and gave me the guidance I needed to find a way of getting the pole to Spain.
    Excellent company excellent people in todays world something of an oasis compared to many lazy companies on the web.

  5. Chris

    I have had this product for 18 months and it has been used daily in my line of work. I have cut branches varying in sizes from a couple of centimetres to around 9 inches in diameter and the poles have held up with no problems. The on issue I have is that on 2 separate occasions the black plastic bit at the end where the saw head locks in place has snapped and I can’t seem to find it anywhere to purchase. The only way I can get it is by emailing darlac. This is an issue because it can take a few days to get it and that’s a few days where I need it for work. If it wasn’t for this I would give it 5 stars. I have colleagues that have more expensive brands of telescopic pole saws that haven’t lasted nearly as long as this one

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