DP1565 Expert Razor Tooth Saw

(2 customer reviews)

Weight 404g
Overall length 580mm
Cut capacity 200mm


The tri-edge saw has 6.5 teeth per 30 mm and the blade is tapered to offer minimal friction and reduce drag. The teeth are precisely sharpened on three different plains for outstanding performance. This saw cuts on the pull stroke, providing maximum control with minimum effort, leaving a smooth surface to reduce the risk of die back and disease. The upper ‘sickle’ can be used to cut vines or assist in dislodging severed branches. The lower ‘sickle’ is used to undercut the branch and help reduce strip back when the branch is cut. Both sickles help to prevent the blade from slipping during the cutting process. Made from SK5 high carbon tool steel and chrome armoured to reduce friction thereby decreasing the risk of corrosion. Can be used as a hand saw in conjunction with the Saw Handle DP1566 Expert Saw Handle – available separately. For use with DP1560 Expert Standard Telescopic Pole DP1570 Expert Giant Telescopic Pole

2 reviews for DP1565 Expert Razor Tooth Saw

  1. Jock Stewart

    I borrowed my friends Darlac pole saw with this blade. I was dubious at first, thinking it would be a lot of effort but I am happy to say I was wrong. What a piece of kit! The stops on each end prevent you pulling the blade through and having to find the slot again. The speed of this thing was amazing. I started by “testing” it on a couple of branches and ended up clearing the entire garden in one go (very large garden and 200m driveway). I was stunned at how efficient this tool is.

  2. Ross Camm

    This thing is brutal and brilliant, I use mine in conjunction with the Darlac Expert Anvil Pruners. What is too big to prune ( >50mm) requires this beauty. It is bigger than you expect, but in use you quickly realise it is the perfect size. As Mr Stewart says in his earlier review, the stops on each end prevent you overshooting the length of the saw and thus, bouncing out of the cut you have already started. There is a definite knack to it. The cut is on the downward pull, not the upward one, so the weight of the pole, plus yourself, applies the cutting pressure. Go as smoothly as you can, and when you are about to see the branch parting company with the tree – it starts to bend away at the cut site – be ready to give a sharp UPWARD thrust as the bottom stop is also a cutting blade, and finishes the saw cut cleanly, underneath the branch, and prevents bark stripping and wood splintering by giving that final sharp cut to free the branch. Try to work at an angle – rather than underneath the branch, as of course, it will clobber you when it comes off, as you have the pole with the saw fitted, to slow you down from running clear! It is not cheap, it is not modest in size, and it cuts perfectly, the best by a long way for stubborn and oversized limbs and branches which need cutting. Highly recommended, if I break mine (can’t see how, it is very strong) I will be buying a replacement without hesitation – just remember, cut smoothly, hit the final cut with the bottom stop by pushing the saw and pole sharply upwards, and, don’t stand underneath the branch you are cutting – and all will be well with the world, and your garden!

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