DP1563 Expert Geared Bypass Tree Pruner

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Overall length 430mm
Cut capacity 30mm
Cut capacity saw 120mm


Part of the Expert Tree Pruning range. The triple pulley system reduces the effort required when pruning by a factor of 3 and the gearing system adds extra benefit. The rope applies a downward force to the tip of the lever arm which in turn moves the blade to sever the branch with ease. The bypass blade will give the cleanest cut (up to 30mm) and the included saw blade -which is easily attached – will cut branches up to 200mm. For use with either: DP1560 – Expert Standard Telescopic Pole DP1570 – Expert Giant Telescopic Pole

1 review for DP1563 Expert Geared Bypass Tree Pruner

  1. Timothy Johnson

    Superb piece of kit! Solid, reliable, powerful, and extendable up to over 16 feet. My garden is surrounded by high trees – alder, lime, leylandii, laurel and pear – and this allows me to keep them under control without having to enlist the expensive services of professional tree surgeons. If it ever needed to be replaced, I’d buy another one in an instant, but thankfully it’s performing as well as ever after seven years.

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