DP1560 Expert 3 Metre Telescopic Pole

Weight 1370g
Overall length 1325mm

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Why choose the Darlac Expert Telescopic Pole?

The Darlac Expert 3 Metre Telescopic Pole is a versatile extendable aluminium pole that accepts all Darlac Expert Tree Pruning attachments in the High Pruning Expert range, enabling many garden pruning tasks to be accomplished safely from ground level.

The oval profile of the telescopic aluminium pole gives precise control to the direction of the saw blade or pruner, which is especially important when cutting at height where it may be difficult to see the orientation of the blade. This also gives strength and rigidity to the pole, reducing flex to an absolute minimum. The double locking mechanism ensures firm support when the pole is extended.

The lightweight aluminium construction can extend from 1.3m to 3.1m, with spring-loaded slide buttons and flip down safety friction clamps to hold the extended poles firmly in place. The long hand-grip ensures good hold and control, while the doubled lock on the socket at the top of the pole holds the attachments secure so that you can safely and comfortably handle whatever your garden throws at you.

  • Professional three-section oval aluminium pole for ultimate strength and durability
  • Pole extends from 1.3m to 3.1m
  • Six length adjustments
  • Ideal for easily carrying out garden tasks such as tree pruning from ground level
  • POM locking (Polyoxymethalene) for high abrasion resistance and low friction
  • Spring-loaded slide buttons and flip down safety friction clamps for a firm hold
  • Long hand grip for comfort and stability
  • For use with Darlac Expert High Pruning accessories

Part of the Expert high pruning range available at Darlac Tools.

What is the Darlac Expert range?

The Darlac Expert range of garden tools are constructed from the finest materials, providing superior quality at an affordable price. Each product has been carefully crafted to suit both professional and amateur gardeners alike, offering the ultimate in comfort and performance. Backed by the Darlac guarantee, so that you can buy with confidence.


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