DP116 Telescopic Fruit Grabber

Weight 1170g
Overall length 1870mm


Why choose the Darlac Telescopic Fruit Grabber?

There’s nothing better than picking fruit by hand, but if you have to use a ladder, the task becomes not only more dangerous, but also more arduous. The Darlac Telescopic Fruit Grabber is a simple lightweight garden tool that allows fruit to be picked from the safety of ground level without the need for a ladder. The large grippers have soft fingers to prevent damaging or bruising fruit, simply position the grabber over the fruit, gently squeeze the trigger until the fruit is held and, with a slight twist, remove. It’s as easy as that!

This telescopic grabber tool can be used for many other pick up operations too, such as collecting rubbish from difficult to reach areas.

  • Telescopic grabbing tool
  • Extends from 1.8m to 3m
  • Soft fingers to prevent damage to fruit
  • Hold the fruit and twist to harvest
  • Large grippers
  • Lightweight aluminium construction- weighs just over 1kg

Part of the wide range of gardening snappers available from Darlac Tools. Prolong effective use with regular care. Clean and oil as necessary and store in a dry place.


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