DP110TA Telescopic Adjustable Snapper

Weight 1950g
Overall length 1870mm
Cut capacity 16mm


Why choose the Darlac Telescopic Adjustable Snapper?

The Darlac Telescopic Adjustable Snapper is a great gardening tool for reaching all around the garden for pruning, deadheading and collecting fruit. Reach across beds and borders or trim soft growth at a distance without treading on plants. The self-adjusting gripper will hold stems once cut, making this garden pruning tool ideal for collecting roses or holly while avoiding any prickles or thorns. The swivel head cutting blades can also rotate 180 degrees, allowing stems to be cut at different angles and giving easier access to difficult areas.

This telescopic garden tool allows light pruning to be carried out up to 18ft safely from ground level (including user height), eliminating the need for ladders. Its incredible reach makes this an especially invaluable gardening tool for disabled gardeners – it can often make the difference between being able to get out in the garden or not.

  • Telescopic pruner with 1.8m to 3m reach
  • Ideal for pruning and deadheading around the garden
  • Weighs just under 2kg
  • Zinc alloy steel handle with aluminium shaft
  • High carbon steel blades
  • Suitable for both right or left handed use
  • Perfect for disabled gardeners and wheelchair users
  • Spare parts available

Part of the wide range of gardening snappers available from Darlac Tools. Sharpen all Darlac pruning tools with our award-winning fine grade Darlac Diamond Sharpener.

For comprehensive care and garden pruner maintenance advice, check out the Darlac A Pruner for Life guide here.


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