DP110T Telescopic Cut ‘n’ Hold Snapper

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Weight 1110g
Overall length 1800mm
Cut capacity 16mm


This Telescopic Cut ‘N’ Hold Snapper has a longer reach extending from 1.8 to 3m. Perfect for light pruning up to 16mm, deadheading or gathering out of reach flowers, roses on arches, wisteria, collecting fruit or prickly holly. The twin gripper bars will hold stems when cut. This telescopic tool allows light pruning of soft growth to be carried out up to 18 ft (including user height) from the ground. Zinc alloy handle with aluminium shaft and high carbon steel blade make for a strong, lightweight construction with a keen cutting edge. Saw blade included which easily attaches to the head and take cut capacity to 175mm. Suitable for left or right handed use.

2 reviews for DP110T Telescopic Cut ‘n’ Hold Snapper

  1. Brian M Barber

    We are great admirers of Darlac tools, and have a growing collection. This Snapper is a very recent addition, and displays all the same attention to detail in its design and execution as the other tools we already have. The use of stiffnuts, which are chromed for added appeal, is especially noteworthy to an engineer! Two small modifications could greatly improve this tool. One is the design of the trigger grip, which can deliver a nasty nip to the fleshy part of the index finger.(The two parts of the trigger do not close completely, there being a hidden cushion within them. However, as the grip at the business end of the tool is not good, the temptation is to squeeze the trigger hard, resulting in a nip for the unwary). As just remarked, the grip on the cut stem leaves something to be desired. The problem seems to be that the grooves formed into the red, lower jaw are transverse, and the carefully notched teeth in the upper jaw are also, in effect, transverse. This means that when, for example, I want to pull the long leader of our wisteria out of the growth where it has started to twine, the grip is insufficient, and the leader is left hanging. Your design of the other Snapper tool we have had for some time (much lighter, and only about Im reach) has the grooves in the lower red jaw made longitudinally, and the upper jaw is not grooved at all. Result, it grips very well indeed! Can I suggest you review the direction of the grooves in this tool. (I’d then give it the extra star!)

  2. Michael Armitage

    This great piece of kit has in fact helped two people – me and my wife! We have one of the oldest and largest wistarias in our village, and to date, I’ve had to prune it using a long ladder, and, as I’ll never see sixty again, or seventy for that matter, It makes sense to do the work from ground-level. My wife hated me going anywhere near my ladder – and now she doesn’t have to worry, so that’s a real bonus!

    As many people know, wistaria takes no prisoners, with steel tentacles ready to trip, strangle, knot-up and hurt anyone who comes close, and every year I dread the job of taming it.

    Many loppers are very heavy and ungainly, with extreme effort needed for any prolonged time. These loppers are absolutely perfect for the job, and I pruned our ‘beast’ in three-quarters of an hour, where before, the job would take a whole morning and a lot of concern about working so high up. Just for the record, as I would have to employ someone to do the job, this machine has paid for itself within one hour!

    The Darlac ‘Cut ‘n’ hold’ is well priced, very well constructed, light enough to use for quite a long period and has a cutter which slices every twig/tendril with superb accuracy – usually within the bud range one has to follow with such a fussy but rampant shrub! The saw attachment easily deals with the old ‘knots’, and is as sharp as a razor!

    I am very, very pleased with this lopper, and recommend it to anyone; it is the most important and efficient garden tool I have bought for many years!

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