DP110 Snapper 1000mm

(4 customer reviews)

Weight 472g
Overall length 1000mm


An invaluable garden tool, available in 3 sizes. The smaller sizes can be used singlehanded to reach across beds and borders or to trim soft growth at a distance without treading on plants. Great for collecting roses or holly avoiding the prickles. For wheelchair users it is often the difference between being able to garden or not. The twin gripper bars will hold stems once cut. Use to deadhead hanging baskets and collect fruit. Zinc alloy steel handle with aluminium shaft and high carbon steel blades make for a strong yet lightweight construction. Suitable for both right or left handed use. Simply brilliant!


4 reviews for DP110 Snapper 1000mm

  1. Nick Hollick

    Bought for reaching into large rose bushes for dead heading, perfect for this job but very useful for dead heading generally, the grab function is useful too

  2. Bob Dines

    This is an outstanding tool. I purchased one via Amazon in spring this year. We have a small garden which is so full of plants that, during the summer, it is difficult and often impossible to reach them with wrecking other things. With this tool I have been able to deadhead (it holds the cut piece) and maintain everything and we have had far more flowers as a result. In many cases it has simply made the job much easier but, often, it has enabled me to do things which I simply could not without it. I considered the 1.5m version but I can use this one-handed and therefor reach out with it – I think the longer version would require both hands and thus wouldn’t reach much further. It is well made and well thought out. Don’t be put off by seeing it on Gardener’s World – he used it up the wrong way so the cut piece fell to the ground. Very odd!


    What an excellent tool,so neat and sturdy, why o’why didn’t l find one earlier.my wife and l both in our late 70s, must get them as Christmas presents for the children.

  4. Carol Chaplin

    This is an excellent tool to add to my other garden pruners. I am a keen 74 year old female gardener. Normally cannot manage to reach certain areas in my garden. Was so impressed by this lightweight yet sturdy tool and have already introduced it to my friend.

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