DA101 Set Of 5 Tool Hooks

Weight 179g
Overall length 70mm


Why choose Darlac Tool Hooks?

Keep your tools tidy and your garden shed organised with this set of 5 Darlac tool hooks. These handy garden tool hooks can be used singly for most ‘D’ or ‘T’ shaped handles, or use them in pairs for long-handled tools, such as tree pruners or to support ladders and steps, for an easy garden storage solution. The hooks are galvanised for rust resistance and will give many years of useful, durable service.

  • Set of hooks for garden tools
  • Suitable for storing most ‘D’ or ‘T’ shaped handled tools
  • Use individually or in pairs
  • Rust resistant
  • Screws included
  • Note: weight must not exceed 3kg per hook

Part of the wide range of innovative gardening accessories available from Darlac Tools.

1 review for DA101 Set Of 5 Tool Hooks

  1. Anna Maria Pittella

    Great way to hang tools!!

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