The Darlac DP995 Splitting Axe and the DP997 Small Chopping Axe, new to the range for 2022

We are delighted to introduce four new axes to the Darlac wood cutting tools range for 2022. These brand-spanking new additions feature tough drop-forged carbon steel heads for durability, as well as innovative axe head covers to make handling and storage safe and simple.

The axes are new to our existing DarlAXE range, featuring weather-resistant fibreglass handles with TPI anti-shock soft grips for comfort, and heat-treated heads for extra durability. The new head design offers additional strength, with the fibreglass moulding encasing the axe head – an innovation designed to act as a brace at the most crucial point of impact to lessen the strain on the join. Both axes feature a wedge-style head that’s perfect for splitting firewood with ease.

The DP995 Splitting Axe offers exceptional quality at a great price. Suitable for both professional and amateur gardeners alike, as well as landscapers, foresters and tree-surgeons, it’s designed for splitting trunks with a diameter of over 30cm. The leash loophole in the end of the shaft can be attached to a leash or harness when tree climbing to keep both hands free, while the head cover enables safe handling while not in use.

At 46cm long and weighing 1kg, the the DP996 Chopping Axe is ideal for larger jobs. It features a drop-forged carbon steel head, a weather resistant fibreglass handle that incorporates a soft grip, and comes complete with a cover for safe handling and storage.

The DP997 Small Chopping Axe features innovative packaging that incorporates a carry handle and integral sharpener built into the cover itself. Perfect for cutting small logs and branches, this versatile tool is great for camping or for use in a smaller garden. The blade edge is protected by the cover when not in use, and the built-in sharpener is ideal for keeping your Darlac axe in tip-top condition at home.

The final addition to the range is the DP998 Camping Axe. This compact but effective axe is perfect for those nights away from home and won’t take up much space. The cover not only allows for safe handling and storage, but also has a built-in sharpener for a precise cut every time.

Chris Owen, General Manager for Darlac, said of these new additions: “The Small Chopping Axe is perfect for holiday makers on camping trips, and the cover for the head makes it easier to throw into the back of the car, avoiding damage to the blade edge and the contents of the boot of your car whilst you are travelling.

We’ve also improved on the design of our large splitting axe design to produce a wood cutting tool that’s more comfortable to use for longer periods. The hollow handle base of the Splitting Axe is an innovation that lightens the grip end, shifting the balance in favour of the chopping end. The increased kick on the handle improves grip and lessens the possibility of the tools slipping from your hand whilst chopping.”

Where to Buy a Darlac Axe

Darlac axes come with a lifetime guarantee and are available from garden retailers across the country. Find your local Darlac stockists here.

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