Darlac, well known for quality cutting tools and gardening innovation, think their three in one rake, shovel and shift is a must in the garden this autumn! Very few tools can beat the versatility of the cleverly designed Rake ‘n’ Shift.

It’s designed to be used on both sides – all you do is simply rake your grass cuttings, leaves or debris and simply flip the end over and ‘hey presto’ you have a shovel to lift and shift your waste wherever you need to. It’s not a back breaker either weighing in at under 1 kilo.

The extra-long handle will help reduce backache – often experienced with other tools of this kind – and what’s more, it can be used to collect rubbish from gravel paths and borders sifting as you go. It’s also perfect for collecting debris from ponds and swimming pools too.

The Rake ‘n’ Shift comes in two sizes: 1500mm or 1550mm long, priced at just £19.99 for the Small and £24.99 for the Large.


Darlac Managing Director Tim Jeffries says: “The Rake ‘n’ Shift is a great all-rounder but really comes into its own in the autumn clear up. The long handles have proved one of the most attractive features – none of us like backache in the garden!”

Darlac tools are available in good garden centres nationwide.

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