How to Clean a Propagator with Pots & Trowels

It’s never too early to get your garden ready for spring, and it’s important to service your garden to make sure your equipment is all in good condition for the upcoming growing season.

In a recent Pots & Trowels video, our friend Martin Fish showed how to clean your propagator so that it’s ready for sowing seeds come springtime. You can watch the video below, or keep reading to as we take you through the processes for a pristine propagator!

How do you clean a propagator?

It’s important to maintain the moisture-holding capillary matting from your propagator – with care, it can last two or three seasons. Start by shaking out the matting to remove any dirt that may have built up over the season, then soak the matting in a bucket of soapy water to remove any leftover dirt.

Bits of compost and soil might have gone through the capillary matting to the base of the propagator. Using a scraper, displace the dirt and brush the loose bits off with a brush. Then, take a cloth with a bit of detergent and wipe down the propagator, taking care to ensure that you clean every surface so that the propagator is in tip-top condition for new seedlings.

Now that your propagator is clean, you can place your capillary matting back into place. Do this while the matting is damp, as it will stick in place and retain its moisture when the propagator is in use.

Place the front of the propagator back on, and now it’s all ready for use in spring!

The best Darlac tools for spring

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