Darlac, the cutting tools experts, have announced their top ten sellers over the summer months as sales rebounded after the lockdown.

It’s no surprise that the top two items were the flagship secateurs – The Professional Bypass secateurs at £15.99 and the Expert Bypass secateurs at £27.99 – which both saw sales increases of over 100%.

Tim Jeffries, Darlac Managing Director said; “We were delighted to bounce back after the lockdown and see so many of our cutting tools hit record sales levels. We have stayed true to our watchwords of ‘quality at affordable prices’ and constantly see rewards for that. Our DP1030A Expert Bypass secateurs are constant award winners, used by the professional trade and often considered close to the quality of secateurs twice their price. We have tried to keep close to our service levels even though we have taken various measures to protect our staff. Although we had some issues in August while we sent out autumn promotional lines, we are now back to delivery next day in the majority of cases”

The company weren’t surprised by many items in the top ten which followed normal patterns – albeit with sales increase of 50% to 120%.

Of interest was the performance of the Compact Range with the Compact Bypass Pruner being the 3rd best seller and the Compact Snips coming in at number 7. “This range of handy items always do well as they can be put in pockets and stay with the gardener at all times” comments Tim.

The only non-cutting lines in the top ten are the Expanding Telescopic Rake – a hit every autumn – and the Fine Grade Diamond Sharpener at number 9 and number 4 respectively.

The full list:
1 DP30 Professional Bypass Pruner
2 DP1030A Expert Bypass Pruner
3 DP40 Compact Bypass Pruner
4 DP100F Fine Grade Diamond Sharpener
5 DP120 Softies Scissors
6 DP744 Super Classic Ratchet Pruner
7 DP42 Compact Snips
8 DP300 Classic Shears
9 DP465 Expanding Telescopic Rake
10 DP800 Lightweight Shears

Details are obtained from Darlac sales agents or direct from the company – [email protected] or 01753 547790

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