Darlac Now Available In Haskins Garden Centres In The South of England

The Darlac cutting range display in the Haskins Roundstone garden centre

Darlac, the garden and cutting tools experts, is now available in two Haskins Garden Centres in the South of England.

Haskins has a network of 5 garden centres, where two of these retail spaces have each taken 2 metre stands of Darlac’s cutting tools in the Haskins Roundstone store in Angmering outside of Worthing, and Haskins West End located outside of Southampton. The two stores cater for gardeners on the south coast of England, turning over almost £20million a year between them, offering a high footfall audience. The cutting tools on offer in store include our Expert cutting range, along with a broad range of shears, snips and loppers.

As part of Darlac’s commitment to its retailers, the Company’s Technical Lead Damian McEvoy has already visited both stores to provide comprehensive training to sales staff in-store. Help with merchandising, point of sales displays and comprehensive knowledge-sharing sessions are key features of the Darlac sales process, and a commitment that Darlac makes to all retailers of every size.

Chris Owen, General Manager for Darlac, said: “Haskins is known for its quality of service and the comprehensive ranges they carry. We’re proud to be listed in stores with such prestige. This rightfully places them on the top 175 list published by Horticulture Week with impressive turnover in the two stores that are now carrying Darlac tools. We’ve already sent Damian McEvoy, our Technical Lead, into both stores to provide training for staff on the range of Darlac tools to help them best advise their customers in stores, and we’re looking ahead to a very successful gardening season.”

We’ve put together a full list of the Darlac tools you can find in Haskins garden centres on the south coast to help you plan your visit in advance.  We’ve also put this handy map to help you find the store nearest to you.

Order Ahead Of Your Visit

Darlac is available in a wide range of garden centres, hardware stores and other retail outlets across the UK. If the tool you need is not in stock in your local garden centre, call ahead and ask them to order from us. We will deliver it to your garden centre so that you can inspect and collect it.

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