The Darlac Telescopic Tree Pruner Range with Pots & Trowels

When it comes to pruning tall trees, one of the easiest ways to get the job done is to use a telescopic pole. We have a wonderful range of poles, ranging in size, that allow you to add all sorts of attachments.

Take a look at our blog posts below to see which tool will be the best for you and your garden. Our friends at Pots & Trowels have created a useful video all about this too below. Martin Fish talks through the attachments and their uses so that you can find the right tool for you.

How do Darlac Telescopic Poles work?

Our range of poles includes the Expert 3-metre Telescopic Pole and the Expert 4.9-metre Telescopic Pole. This longer pole allows you to get right up and into the tree canopy, so you can ditch the ladders! The poles work by accepting various attachments, you can then alter the length of the pole based on the task at hand.

To extend the pole, you slacken the tool head that’s attached by pushing the release lever. The pole can then be ‘locked in’ at a point you choose. It’s then simply a case of hooking the pruner over the branch you want to cut, pulling the toggle – which operates the cord –and cutting through the branch.

To change the head, you’ll need to release the safety catches. They operate on a simple ‘clip and release’ mechanism that allows you to pull the attachment off in a safe way.

What attachments can you use on your Darlac Telescopic Pole?

This tool is geared, which means you can get lots of leverage and cut thick branches with its powerful mechanism. It’s operated by pulling a cord from ground level, which in turn pulls the blade up and allows it to cut through the branch. The triple-pulley system reduces the effort required when pruning by a factor of 3 and the gearing system adds extra benefits.

This attachment and is best for cutting very thick branches (up to 50 mm with ease!). Combining a rack and pinion with quad pulleys, the amount of effort required to cut is greatly reduced. The serrated anvil blade is made from P.T.F.E. steel for rust resistance and will grip the branch whilst cutting. This is the tool for your heavy lifting branch removal!

As part of the Darlac expert range, the Razor Tooth Saw is our latest Telescopic Pole attachment. It simply slots into the hole at the top of the pole and gets locked in to position. The saw does have a guard on the blade to protect you, as it is very sharp! This guard clips off when you are ready to use it.

The saw blades cut on a downward stroke – don’t struggle to push it up and down, just let it glide through the branch. If you don’t want to use the saw on the long pole, it can also be used on the small pole. It’s very handy for cutting low branches off the sides of trees.

Why should you cut tree branches in your garden?

There are lots of reasons why you need to cut and prune your trees. At the very least, it ensures they are healthy and safe, but it can also help to:

  • Open up the tree canopy
  • Let in more light
  • Allow for future growth

It’s always important to note that you should be aware of falling branches when you are pruning trees. If in doubt, always wear a hard hat. Ensure pets and children are safely indoors.

If you feel like the Telescopic Pole is too heavy duty for your garden, it might be worth thinking about the Darlac Cut ‘n’ Hold Snapper. This tool is fantastic for smaller pruning jobs.

It’s very lightweight and you can reach quite high, but what makes it spectacular is the clever cutter attached. It’s a small bypass snipper which is razor sharp and will allow you to cut reasonably thick branches.

It also holds the branch after it has made the cut. This prevents any branches from falling to the ground in an uncontrolled way. It’s perfect if you’re deadheading, or if you can’t reach plants in the borders. It also works well for wheelchair users. Simply hold the tool up, cut the branch and bring the cutting down. You can then add the unwanted cuttings to your wheelbarrow or recycling bin. Simple.

So, whether you want to reach that little bit higher or if you want to reach right to the top of your tree, at Darlac we’ve got the tool for you. If you are interested in the Darlac telescopic range, you can find it in store from your local garden centre. Read more about Darlac stockists here.

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One thought on “The Darlac Telescopic Tree Pruner Range with Pots & Trowels

  1. I’ve had a Darlac telescopic pole with expert razor tooth blade for years and I can honestly say that I can thoroughly recommend it – it is certainly one of the best tools I’ve bought. I’ve also started using a light little single-hand held Chinese 20V Li-Ion 8″ chainsaw lopper that makes lopping branches at ground level 10x easier than even the razor tooth manual saw, (even up to 6-8″), and I find myself wishing that this equally brilliant little tool could be combined with the Darlac pole as a plug-in accessory and thinking how I could achieve that… What a combination that would make. The weight of it certainly wouldn’t be a problem at 1.156kg with battery and 828g without.

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