Darlac Telescopic Edging Shears a Hit with Amateur Gardening Magazine

Here at Darlac, we’re often recognised for the quality and value of our tools. Many of our products are award winners, and time and time again our incredible garden tools are put to the test – this month is no exception!

We’re delighted to have had the Darlac Telescopic Edging Shear featured and reviewed as part of Steve & Val Bradley’s Tried & Tested section in the 20 August edition of Amateur Gardening magazine.

Out of the six different pairs of lawn-edging tools that were tested, our edging shears came out with a brilliant 13/15!

DP812 Telescopic Edging ShearWe scored 5/5 for specifications, and 4/5 for both features and performance, with glowing comments such as “light and easy to adjust”, “good clean cuts” and “left a good finish”.

Our telescopic lawn edging shears are easy to use and incredibly lightweight – weighing in at just over 1kg – allowing you to use them for long periods without causing discomfort or back pain. The excellent Flip-Lok extension system makes the handles easy to extend to the exact length you want, then simply retract them when you’re finished for easy storage.

Darlac Telescopic Edging Shears a Hit with Amateur Gardening Magazine

We love being recognised for the quality products we make, and we look forward to seeing them being ‘put to test’, because we know we’ll stack up! Thank you to Amateur Gardening magazine for showcasing our lawn shears.

Where Can I Buy Darlac Tools?

At Darlac, the cutting experts, we’ve got the right tool to help you with your gardening jobs. You can find them in store from your local garden centre, find your local Darlac stockist here!

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