Darlac Stand at Endsleigh

Darlac tools are now available in one of the UK’s largest garden centre retail chains, Blue Diamond.

Blue Diamond have recently acquired Mere Park in Newport and Blackdown Garden Centre in Taunton. They have also announced plans to build two new garden centres in Elvedon, Norfolk and at Scotch corner, swelling their network to 41 garden centres.

Working with Blue Diamond, Darlac have produced bespoke stands for the stores that reflects the quality of experience Blue Diamond wanted for their customers as well as creating a series of retail display stands to showcase Darlac’s tools beautifully. All stores are to carry the Darlac ‘two-metre’ cutting range of tools and includes best sellers such as the DP400 Lightweight Shear and the DP1030A Expert Bypass Pruner, where the range focusses on the cutting tool needs of hobby gardeners with pruners, snips, shears and loppers to cover a wide range of tasks in the garden. The ‘three-metre’ range features additional tools for heavier-duty jobs, with tools such as the DP1583 Expert Geared Anvil Tree Pruner and the DP1570 Expert Giant Telescopic Pole that are suitable for tree maintenance work in the garden.

Taylor Baines, Category Manager – Gardening, of Blue Diamond Group said: “We are really excited about this partnership; we were looking to offer a more premium range of tools to our customers and this partnership ticks all those boxes. The history of the brand and the company’s values, coupled with the excellent quality you get with the Darlac tools range made this a really easy choice. We wanted an experience that went beyond ‘just another stand’ in stores to give our customers a richer educational and shopping experience. The resulting creativity that has been applied to the retail displays has been a great collaboration between the two companies that our customers are going to love.”

Darlac’s Chris Owen said of the deal: “We’ve been working with Blue Diamond on this deal for a while, and are really pleased to be able to announce the partnership as we head into 2022. With an increase in interest in gardening during Covid19, many people who were new to gardening during 2020 have stuck around, carrying on their new-found interest in gardening post-lockdown. Having Darlac available in Blue Diamond garden centres across the UK is a key partnership for us that will help us more readily meet increased consumer demand for our tools.”

Darlac Stand in Derby Garden Centre

The Darlac tools on display in the Blue Diamond Derby Garden Centre

We’ve put together a full list of the Darlac tools you can find in Blue Diamond stores across the UK to help you plan your visit in advance. We’ve also put together this handy map to help you find the store nearest to you.


Order Ahead Of Your Visit

If the tool you need is not in stock in your local garden centre, call ahead and ask them to order from us. We will deliver it to your garden centre so that you can inspect and collect it.

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