Darlac Multi 5in1 Trowel is a Hit with Grow Your Own Magazine

We’re really pleased to see our Darlac 5-in-1 Trowel was recently featured and reviewed in the July ’22 edition of Grow Your Own magazine, as they put various gardening tools to the test and ranked them on value, durability and practicality.

Here’s what Grow Your Own had to say about the Darlac Multi 5in1 Trowel:

“Now this is a handy trowel that nobody should be without in the garden. It seems to do almost everything you could possibly need. It has a cutting edge on one side, so that small roots can be sawn through if planting near shrubs or hedges. The other honed edge can be used for easing out weeds, or for planting bulbs, vegetable seedlings and bedding. On the front of the blade is an accurate depth guide so you know how deep you are planting. There is even a notch on one side of the trowel’s blade which can be used to cut string. As if that was not enough, it has a really comfortable rubber grip handle with a stainless-steel tool head in the end.”

Here at Darlac we are proud of our reputation for solid construction and well-thought out garden tool design. The magazine awarded the tool 5 stars for both value and practicality, and an impressive 4 stars for durability, making it a tough, hardworking and practical tool to add to any gardener’s tool shed.

We love being recognised for the quality products we make, and we look forward to seeing them being put to the test, as we know we’ll always get top marks! Thank you to Grow Your Own magazine for showcasing the quality and practicality of our handy little garden trowel, and showing how truly versatile it is for a whole host of jobs all around the garden.

The DP544 Darlac 5in1 Trowel is ideal for use in cultivated soil

Bamboo gardening tool options

Did you know that, as well as our standard rubber handled gardening tools, this multi purpose trowel also comes in an eco-friendly bamboo handled version?

Our vintage bamboo tool range goes through many processes to maintain the same rustic beauty of garden tools from bygone days, yet ensures that they’re also strong and durable enough for whatever your garden throws at you. Bamboo is a 100% sustainable source material – replenishing itself within 36 months – and a great eco-friendly alternative to standard garden tool handles!

The DP2544 Bamboo 5in1 Trowel is a great eco friendly gardening hand tool

Where Can I Buy Darlac Tools?

At Darlac, the cutting experts, we’ve got the right tool to help you with your gardening jobs. You can find them in store from your local garden centre, find your local Darlac stockist here!

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