Darlac, the cutting tools experts, have significantly increased their spend on public relations in an effort to drive customers to the brand and to their garden centre partners.

A significant new investment has been made in a new social media campaign that is already picking up a strong army of followers.

The activity on social media is aiming to highlight the product range, which in turn will prove to be really useful tools for driving footfall to the garden centres in the Darlac network. Darlac will interact with gardeners to tell them of new products, current offers, gardening advice and breaking news but it also allows interaction with retail trade partners.

Tim Jeffries, Managing Director at Darlac comments: “We have already seen a good response to our new presence on social media. It provides a good platform to connect with our customers and retail partners. In only a couple of months we are generating good levels of engagement across all the social media platforms on which we operate we are very keen to encourage garden centres and stockists to interact with us in any way possible. Our aim is to give back to those who support us.”

Tim’s appeal to garden centre owners is: “If you stock Darlac, follow us online and let us know when you have an in-store promotion or any other news. We can then share your posts with our followers, spreading the word to the rapidly expanding online growing community!”

You can follow Darlac on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/darlactools/, Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DarlacTools/ and Twitter: https://twitter.com/darlacgardening

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