Darlac Brass Lawn Sprinkler Voted Best Buy by Amateur Gardening Magazine

Here at Darlac, we’re often recognised for the quality and great value of our tools. Many of our products are award winners, and time and time again our incredible garden and watering tools are put to the test and come out on top – this month is no exception!

We were honoured to have several of our garden watering products put to the test recently as part of Amateur Gardening magazine’s Tried & Tested section, reviewed by Steve and Val Bradley. The 17 June edition reviewed the performance of six different lawn sprinklers, and we’re delighted to say that our Brass 3 Arm Sprinkler earned top marks – being awarded this month’s prestigious ‘Best Buy’.

We had a great write up for our brass three-arm lawn sprinkler head, and scored 5/5 across the board for features, performance and specifications:

“This three-arm sprinkler head is made from brass, with the three arms mounted into a rotating brass mount on a brass stem. Each of the arms is angled to get better water distribution, with two outlet holes set in each arm and a further five holes in the brass tip of each arm. This arrangement allows the sprinkler to cover up to 8.5m in diameter at higher water pressures.

Ideal for the smaller garden, this sprinkler works at lower water pressures than some models. The low trajectory of the water reduces the amount of drifting in the wind.”

Steve & Val also featured the Darlac Impulse Sprinkler Head, as well as our Twister Multi-Purpose Spray Gun, which each scored 14/15 and 13/15, respectively.

They noted that our impulse sprinkler head features patterns that range from a narrow band to a full 360° rotation that’s ideal for larger gardens, while the Darlac twister spray gun can quickly change into a lawn sprinkler and is capable of covering a 10m radius, with a removeable stop cap to attach a hose fitting so that several sprinklers can be used together.

We love being recognised for the quality products we make, and we look forward to seeing them being ‘put to test’, because we know we’ll stack up! Thank you to Amateur Gardening magazine for showcasing our lawn sprinkler heads.

Where Can I Buy Darlac Tools?

At Darlac, the cutting experts, we’ve got the right tool to help you with your gardening jobs. You can find them in store from your local garden centre, find your local Darlac stockist here!

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