Darlac Bamboo Garden Hand Trowel Voted Best Buy by Amateur Gardening Magazine

Here at Darlac, we’re often recognised for the quality and great value of our tools. Many of our products are award winners, and time and time again our incredible garden tools are put to the test and come out on top – this month is no exception!

We were so pleased to have our Darlac Bamboo Garden Trowel featured and reviewed as part of Steve and Val Bradley’s Tried & Tested section in the 24 September edition of Amateur Gardening magazine, as they put various gardening hand trowels to the test. We’re delighted that our product was a hit with them, and out of the six different garden trowels that were tested it earned top marks – being awarded this month’s prestigious ‘Best Buy’.

We had a great write up for our bamboo hand trowel, and scored 5/5 across the board for features, performance and specifications:

“This traditional-looking trowel has a secret, because the handle may look and feel like wood but it is actually bamboo – part of a range of tools being produced using this light, durable material to replace hardwood. At the top of the handle there is a hole with a jute fibre loop for hanging the trowel. Towards the base of the handle there is a depression for positioning the thumb while digging.

The stainless-steel blade and shaft are welded together, with the shaft fitting through a metal ferrule and into the handle. The centre of the blade has depth markings (metric and imperial) and the steel is finished with a galvanising pattern to give a rustic appearance. There is a limited lifetime guarantee on all Darlac branded tools.

The handle was very light and smooth, making it easy to handle and use. The blade had a different finish to it, but cut into the soil easily. This trowel is light, well balanced and comfortable to use.”

We love being recognised for the quality products we make, and we look forward to seeing them being ‘put to test’, because we know we’ll stack up! Thank you to Amateur Gardening magazine for showcasing our bamboo trowel.

Why choose the Darlac vintage bamboo tool range?

The Darlac vintage bamboo tool range goes through many processes to maintain the same rustic beauty of garden tools from bygone days, yet ensures that these products are also strong and durable enough for whatever your garden throws at you. The stainless steel head is hand-welded and treated to look like “old steel”, but still retains the rust resistant qualities of traditional looking stainless. Bamboo is a 100% sustainable source – replenishing itself within 36 months – and a great eco-friendly alternative to standard garden tool handles. Its durability is comparable to the tensile strength of steel, yet the finish is reminiscent of traditional ash for a tool that not only looks the part but gets the job done too.

Where Can I Buy Darlac Tools?

At Darlac, the cutting experts, we’ve got the right tool to help you with your gardening jobs. You can find them in store from your local garden centre, find your local Darlac stockist here!

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