Axepertise from Darlac

Darlac, the cutting tool experts, have just launched a completely new range – quality axes. A logical extension for the company, some five axes are launched under the DarlAXE name – two fibre glass handled axes and three FSC hickory handled tools.

A multi-purpose axe is indispensable for any owner of a large garden or a landscaper and when you purchase one that is made of high-quality materials, you can be guaranteed that it’s going to last for years to come. DarlAXES are built of durable materials and feature various designs that make chopping more comfortable, ergonomic, and efficient while still at an affordable price.

The chopping heads are of drop forged carbon steel and heat-treated for added strength.

Three axes have FSC certified hickory handles for traditional high-quality appeal. The 380mm small chopping axe has a suggested retail price (srp) of £19.99 while the medium axe is suitable for all garden use and log splitting at 700mm and has an srp of £35.99. Darlac have added an extra-long DarlAxe with a hickory handle – 900mm – which has an srp of £44.99 and is perfect for a taller person or for heavier work.

The fibreglass versions have anti-shock handles to offer more comfortable axe-work. Two sizes are available at 350mm and 700mm with srp of £16.99 and £35.99 respectively.

DarlAXES are available individually or as a full collection. A free on loan display stand with a bright, informative header board is also available. Details are obtained from Darlac sales agents or direct from the company – [email protected] or 01753 547790

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