Amateur Gardening Magazine Best Buy Review of Darlac Bypass Pruners.

Here at Darlac, the cutting tools experts, we’re often recognised for the quality and value of our tools. Many of our products are award winners, and time and time again our incredible garden tools are put to the test and come out on top! This month is no exception, so read on to see which of our tools have been tried and tested.

Darlac secateurs are put to the test

In the 6 March edition of Amateur Gardening magazine, we were delighted to spot a secateur group test by gardening gurus Steve & Val Bradley. Secateurs are one of the most important pieces of equipment to have in your gardening kit; it’s a tool you’ll use so frequently, you’ll wonder how you coped before you had one! That’s why it’s essential that the pair of secateurs you choose are right for you, for your gardening tasks and that they fit your personal preferences.

Out of the six different pairs of secateurs that were tested, the Darlac Bypass Pruner came out on top – scoring an incredible 15/15! – winning the vote of Best Buy from Amateur Gardening.

We’re so pleased, but not surprised, with comments like “best for value for money, best for ease of use, best for cutting action and quality.”

We scored 5/5 for the features, specifications, and performance of our well-loved Bypass Pruner, and it’s easy to see why. The Darlac Bypass Pruner has a large cut capacity, yet still maintains slim profile handles to offer comfort and support. They’re also drop-forged for strength and durability, and feature SK5 carbon steel blades for crisp cuts and razor-shape edges. The review also made specific comments about the bright colour of the Darlac secateurs. Designed with bright red handles, you’ll easily spot these if they’re dropped in a vegetable patch or a flower bed.

When you’ve got the perfect pair of pruners, you’ll need somewhere to store them, and we can help with that too!

An award-winning secateur holster

Not only did we score the highest on the secateur test, but Darlac tools came out tops on the secateur holster ‘tried and tested’ review just a couple of weeks before! The Darlac Expert Leather Holster was rated 15/15 and secured the title from Amateur Gardening Magazine as the Best Buy tool holster. Out of the six holsters that were tested, the Darlac Leather Holster scored 5/5 for features, performance and value! We’re proud to produce tools of great price and quality and to have them recognised as such.

Described as being “superbly crafted from hide, stitched and riveted for strength”, the leather holster is durable and of the highest quality.

When you look after your tools, they look after you, so it’s important to store your tools with care. The Expert Leather Holster will not only protect your pruners, but it will also make them easily accessible. You’ll be able to store them on a belt or waistband, keeping your hands free for busy garden tasks.

We make all our tools to last. We’ve got lots of information to help keep your secateurs sharp and clean. We also sell a wide range of replacement parts, including spare springs, blades and sharpening tools.

Where to find tried and tested Darlac tools

Purchasing one of our Amateur Gardening award winning tools couldn’t be simpler, you can purchase them for yourself or a keen gardener from your local garden centre. Read more about Darlac stockists here.

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